Integral Student Outcomes

Women Who are Christ Centered

They will:

Root themselves in God’s love

Understand good Christian moral values

Demonstrate integrity, honesty and respect in their lives

Nourish their faith with worship, prayer and community life

Promote healthy lifestyles – mind, body and spirit.

Women Who are Intellectually competent and resourceful

They will:

Seek the blend of excellence and challenge

Think analytically and critically

Utilize and apply technological knowledge

Possess social and interpersonal skills

Make informed decisions

Women Who are catalysts for change

They will:

Serve with compassion

Be loyal to Christian values and generous to those in need

Practice responsible citizenship

Be globally aware and impelled action

Build a community of justice tempered by gentleness

Be responsible leaders

Be active in promoting women’s dignity

Women Who are Lifelong learners

They will:

Be open to positive new experiences

Set and achieve goals and outcomes

Organize and plan

Take responsibility for their holistic growth

Women Who are Effective Communicators

They will:

Express themselves fluently in written and oral language

Articulate their ideas and values logically and persuasively

Listen to different points of view and respond with objective evidence

Be conscious of non-verbal communication

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