The Mission Advancement & Communications Office (OMC) plans, organizes, coordinates, and implements the school’s public and media relations, grants, endowment, fund raising, and marketing and promotion programs of the school. In terms of media relations, OMC oversees the school’s publication of press releases, public service announcements, and media releases for print, television, radio, and electronic media.

The OMC office actively seeks funding through both federal and private grants and donors. This is a critical component to the school’s progress in terms of funding the continued incorporation of technology in the curriculum as well as the overall growth in the area of secondary college preparatory education in order to keep up with today’s fast pace world of learning. Once a grant or donation is acquired, OMC in turn ensures the implementation, tracking, and monitoring of funds received in accordance with the guidelines and requirements set by the grant provider or donor.

The Academy of Our Lady of Guam’s Endowment Fund was established in 2005 and continues to grow through the years. OMC is responsible to oversee this funding source and to ensure the funds raised for Endowment are used in accordance with the following objectives: capital improvement and development, scholarships and tuition assistance, enhancement of the quality of all education programs, and as a resource for additional general operating funds as needed.

The OMC office with its various responsibilities reports directly to the President, yet is very much a part of and works closely with the different components of the Academy, such as the students, parents, faculty, and staff. In addition, added to this top layer are the added stakeholders such as Academy’s alumnae, benefactors, donors, and members of the local community who help make the Academy the legacy it is today, and in turn, help make a world of difference for our students and community with over five thousand alumnae worldwide.

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