Academy of Our Lady of Guam "Walking Nuns" make sure everything is ready before taking to the streets of Agana to help the homeless. L-R standing: Stephanie Lorenzo, Elthea Miguel, Kateri Santos, Anya Alvarez, Aprilyn Thighthen,Sister Dorothy, Joie Blas, Karen Baluyot, Blaize San Nicolas, and Tonya McDaniel. Kneeling:  Ryleigh-Jeine Duenas


Since early this school year, Sister Dorothy Lettiere, RSM, and the AOLG members of the RSM (Responding to the Spirit of Mercy) Club, have taken to the streets of Agana to help those in need.

In the very beginnings of the Mercy Community, the Sisters could be seen walking along the roadsides of Dublin, Ireland to serve the poor and less fortunate. In the spirit of Mother Catherine McAuley, Foundress of the Sisters of Mercy, the RSM Club members model these early Sisters one day each week during lunchtime, and become the “Walking Nuns” as THESE Sisters were called.



Pictured in the center, Marianne, with a big smile poses with her "blessing bag" and the AOLG Walking Nuns.


The AOLG “Walking Nuns” push a shopping cart bearing a cardboard sign that reads: “Making Mercy Real,” accompanied by a photo of Mother Catherine McAuley. These young ladies pass out “Blessing Bags” filled with pop-top canned meats, fruits and vegetables, bottles of water, snacks, and a fork and spoon wrapped in a paper napkin. Each of the bags has an attached message: “You Matter! Here are a few things to brighten your day. We just want you to know that we care about you and that God loves you so very much. We’re praying for you! Love, AOLG Family.”The cart is also filled with clothing for men, women and children, toiletries, towels, sheets, and blankets. Tied on to the sides of the shopping cart are sneakers, shoes, and zorries, which are always in great demand.




Sister Dorothy helps Jessie find the perfect fit.


All of the items shared with the poor and homeless come from the generosity of the entire Academy Family: the administration, faculty, staff, parents, and students. Many times, though, when supplies are just about depleted, God provides with “surprise” outside donations, especially from the Academy Alumnae who never cease to help their Alma Mater with whatever is needed. The AOLG Mercy Club has designated a place in the school were contributions are collected in labeled boxes; they have named this sacred space, “Mercy Hallway.”


The AOLG "Walking Nuns".


The “Walking Nuns” started out with eight students and now number twenty-four.

How difficult it is to find words to describe the joy on these girls' faces as they mingle with the poor and homeless! They know each of these special people by name and sometimes buy what is needed on their own if the desired items are not on hand.Jesus has truly blessed these young people by allowing them to see Him face to face, eyelash to eyelash!

Each member of the RSM Club, which also includes many of the AOLG altar servers, wears a rubber bracelet with the words: #Make Mercy Real of which they are so proud. How wonderful it would be if these young women, “The AOLG Walking Nuns of Agana, were to eventually join the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas (South Central) and continue to live out the Corporal Works of Mercy within this religious community on the island of Guam!